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Creative Consulting

Hi, I'm Marisa! Your creative collaborator, offerings strategist, and idea alchemist.

I help creative, trauma-aware solopreneurs get unstuck through coworkingcollaboration, and creative brainstorming to bring their brand, offerings, and ideas to life!

Together, we'll alchemize your dreams into reality, infuse your unique energy, and ensure we use compassionate, trauma-aware language, tactics and strategies.

So many entrepreneurs have amazing offerings that could change so many lives, but never grow beyond being a thought, dream, or idea because of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, or just decision fatigue.


If you find yourself saying "I have so many ideas and visions, but can't pinpoint them in a clear, concise, and compelling way for my audience to understand!" . . . that's where I come in!

Are you ready to get your amazing ideas off the back burner?

Are you currently:

  • Spending hours in Canva trying to create content, but not quite satisfied?

  • Having the words on the tip of your tongue, but unable to get them out?

  • Staring at your long to-do list, but not knowing where to start?

Do you want to be:

  • Buzzing with EXCITING ideas and creating aligned content!

  • Finding the right words and creating content with EASE and FLOW!

  • Breathing LIFE into your dreams so you & your business can SOAR!


We can get you there.

Hi, I'm Marisa!

I use my trauma-informed perfectionism recovery coaching to help folks tackle those critical inner voices that might stop them from sharing their brilliant ideas or offerings.

In starting and running my own online business, I learned a lot of administrative, strategic, logistic, and creative skills -- skills that I want to share with other coaches and online business owners to support their creative endeavors, alleviate stress, and strengthen their online presence!

When I entered the industry in 2020, I learned a lot of not-great marketing and sales tactics that used shame and manipulation to get people to buy -- but now that I know better I'm dedicated to helping others do business and create content in ways that aligns with their core values and integrity.

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How it Works

Choose Your Support Call

In these 90- to 120-min Zoom calls, we make some magic happen! Whether that's building your landing page, writing a powerful Instagram post, or strategizing your offering... this is your time to get laser-focused and bring YOUR good ideas to life! (Think Taylor Swift & Jack Antonoff)

Choose the supportive experience that fits your needs best:

  • Audit

  • Jam session

  • Consultation

  • Productivity Power Hour


Every call is a collaborative & creative experience with plenty of opportunities to provide feedback to ensure everything feels like YOURS.

During these calls we will work together to:

  • Create content​​

  • Write copy

  • Build a basic landing page in Wix

  • ...and more!

Have an idea or task you don't see listed here? Let's chat and see if I can support you. If not, let's find you someone who can!



Copy Audits

Let's make sure your copy is compassionate, clear, compelling, and conscientious.



Jam Session

Let's jam out and bring your unique brand, offering, or ideas to life.



Consulting Calls

Let's find the strategies, tactics, or softwares that feel most aligned for you!


Want to do all of the above? Ask me about discounts on bundling services.

Maritza Refuerzo

Marisa was such a pleasure to work with--she's congenial, sharp, and really on the ball. Also appreciated her creative workarounds and overall problem-solving, as well as her fun, easygoing manner. Thank you, Marisa!

Vivian Wu

Owning your own business means that you wear multiple hats and sometimes it gets exhausting! That's why I LOVEEEE working with Marisa and having her support me on creatives, Facebook group set up, copywriting...AND MORE. This Manifestor is so grateful for her generator energy.

Amber Gordon

I have worked with Marisa for the past year and her support has been PRICELESS. As a mani-gen and a recovering perfectionist I struggle to get my ideas into actual usable content and that's where Marisa comes in. In 1 90-min session she can alchemize my ideas into what would take me weeks to do on my own. She is my not-so-secret secret weapon and I highly recommend working with her!
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